Domestic violence victim Rizwana all set to be discharged from hospital


LAHORE: Rizwana, a 15-year-old domestic maid, who was brutally tortured by her employers, is set to be discharged from the Lahore General Hospital on Wednesday.

She has fully recovered from her injuries after undergoing multiple surgeries, according to Dr Farid Zafar, who treated her.

Rizwana was employed as a domestic maid by a civil judge named Asim Hafeez and his wife Somia in Islamabad. She faced physical and emotional abuse for six months, and was also accused of stealing jewelry. She was not paid her monthly wage of Rs10,000 during her time of service.

Her ordeal came to light when her family found her at a bus stop in Islamabad, where she was almost thrown by her abusers. She had fractured teeth, ribs, visible strangulation marks, and burn marks on her body.

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She also had an infection in her lungs and blood clots, which affected her breathing and oxygen levels. She was initially admitted to the District Headquarters Hospital in Sargodha, and later shifted to the LGH in critical condition.

The police had registered a case against Somia, who was earlier arrested and sent to jail. The case had sparked outrage and condemnation from various quarters, including human rights activists, politicians, and celebrities.

According to Dr Zafar, Rizwana will be placed in the Child Protection Bureau for rehabilitation, where she will receive counseling and support.

The bureau is a government agency that provides shelter, education, health, and legal services to children who are victims of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

The bureau’s chairperson, Sarah Ahmed, said that they will ensure that Rizwana gets the best possible care and protection, and that they will help her pursue justice against her abusers.

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