Dolphin Force officials booked for making TikTok video at land-grabber’s house

Dolphin Force

RAWALPINDI: Four officials of the Dolphin Force, an elite unit of the Punjab police, have been suspended and booked for making a TikTok video at the house of a notorious land-grabber in Rawalpindi.

The video, which showed the officials enjoying a feast and dancing at the residence of Khabib Khan, the ring-leader of a land mafia, went viral on social media.

According to the FIR registered at the Morgha police station, the officials, identified as Head Constable Tauseef, constables Imran, Muhammad Ali and Saqib, were supposed to be on patrol and security duty in the Newtown area on the night of December 9. However, they lied to their headquarters about their location and instead went to the house of Khabib Khan, who is wanted by the police for several cases of land grabbing and extortion.

The FIR stated that the officials not only violated the discipline and dignity of the police department, but also compromised the security and law and order situation in the area by fraternizing with a criminal.

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The FIR was lodged on the complaint of Aizaz Azim, the in charge of the Dolphin Force, who said that he came to know about the incident after a head constable showed him the video.

The police have suspended the four officials and initiated an inquiry against them. They have also seized their weapons, uniforms and motorcycles. The police have also raided the house of Khabib Khan, but he managed to escape.

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