Doctors’ strike paralyzes Lahore’s healthcare system

Doctor's strike

LAHORE: Lahore’s government hospitals have been plunged into chaos for the past week as the Out-Patient Departments (OPDs) remain shuttered due to an ongoing young doctors’ strike.

The strike was triggered by the termination and transfer of three medics from a city hospital and the alleged murder of another in Gujrat city.

Young doctors, in a united front, have halted their services not only in OPDs but also in indoor wards, intensifying the inconvenience faced by patients and their attendants.

Financial woes threaten closure of six hospitals

For the eighth consecutive day, slip counters at major hospitals including Mayo, Jinnah, General, Services, and Gangaram Hospital remain closed, exacerbating the plight of those seeking medical attention.

The Young Doctors Association (YDA) has issued a stern warning, declaring their intent to expand the strike across Punjab if their demands are not met.

As the deadlock persists, thousands of patients are grappling with daily difficulties, prompting appeals to doctors not to penalize patients and their attendants for the ongoing dispute.

As the impasse continues, the healthcare system in Lahore remains gridlocked, leaving patients in a state of distress and uncertainty about when essential medical services will be fully restored.

Non-Provision of free medicines

Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has expressed his anger over non-provision of free medicines at public hospitals

Visiting the Government Abdul Rahim Hospital in Sodiwal, Lahore, he said that the government will not tolerate any neglect in the provision of free medicines to the publicy.

He inspected the emergency and other wards in the hospital and reviewed medical facilities.

During his visit, the attendants of patients complained to him about the non-availability of free medicines, blood supply facilities, and poor sanitary conditions in the hospital.

Chief Minister Naqvi took immediate notice and gave a stern warning to the medical superintendent of the hospital.

He also ordered to refund the money to those who purchased medicines from the market.

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