Doctor succumbs to Congo virus in Quetta, multiple cases reported

congo virus doctor treatment

QUETTA: In a distressing development, a doctor has tragically lost his life due to the Congo virus in Quetta.

This devastating incident is accompanied by the infection of eight staff members, including five doctors at the Quetta Civil Hospital.

The spokesperson of the Balochistan Health Department has officially confirmed the doctor’s unfortunate demise due to the Congo virus.

Dr. Shukrullah was swiftly transferred to a private hospital in Karachi, where he tragically lost his battle with the virus.

Five doctors among eight new cases of Congo virus in Quetta

 It was revealed that Dr. Shukrullah had been infected with the Congo virus just three days prior to his untimely death.

In response to the outbreak, seven individuals infected with the virus have been airlifted to a private hospital in Karachi for treatment in critical conditions.

Additionally, the authorities have taken proactive measures by setting up isolation wards at the Civil Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Hospital, and Fatima Jinnah Hospital in Quetta to contain the spread of the virus.

Furthermore, it has come to light that four cases of the Congo virus have also been reported in Peshawar, signaling the need for heightened vigilance and containment efforts.

What is Congo Virus?

Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, or CCHF, is a severe tick-borne disease. The CCHF virus is transmitted to humans by tick bites or contact with infected animal blood or tissues during and immediately following slaughter.

Congo Virus Treatment

It has a high fatality rate, and there is currently no vaccine or specific treatment for the virus.

How Congo Virus Spreads?

The virus is primarily transmitted to humans by ticks on cattle and other livestock and can cause severe fever, muscle pain, vomiting, and internal bleeding.

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