Dense fog disrupts flight operation, passengers face difficulties

fog in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The aviation authorities said that 23 flights have been cancelled due to heavy fog as dry cold persists on plains of Punjab posing serious challenges to flight operations at airports.

Three flights were taken off at the alternative airport including Abu Dhabi to Sialkot PK-178 was landed at Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore.

Two flights from Islamabad to Abu Dhabi have been cancelled while PK-233 and ER-702 to Sharjah were also cancelled.

Pakistanis anticipating a dry winter since December last year but now the Meteorological Department has forecasted rain in Islamabad and snowfall in Murree in the upcoming week.

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The incidents of the PIA air hostess and cabin crew members slipping have been accelerated amid clouds of uncertainty prevailed on the national airline in the backdrop of the privatisation process.

Five crew members slipped in 2022 and seven in 2023 on overseas flights while most of PIA’s air hostesses have slipped in Canada.

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