Priceless Deer’s ‘vanish’ from Jallo Park, Lahore

Jallo park lahore

LAHORE: In a startling incident, seven invaluable deer have mysteriously ‘disappeared’ from Jallo Park in Lahore, leaving authorities baffled and concerned.

The disappearance was first noticed on Friday night, raising suspicions of foul play.

The spotlight is on four watchmen who are believed to be involved in the theft of these precious deer.

Due to the recent incident at Jallo Park Lahore the number of deer in the park has been reduced to 14 from 21.

As a response, the Director General of Wildlife has taken swift action, suspending the implicated staff members and imposing fines on them pending further investigation.

Security lapses are being pointed out as the primary cause behind the unfortunate incident, highlighting a potential negligence on the part of the Punjab Wildlife Department.

The missing black deer, considered priceless, have sparked concerns about the vulnerability of wildlife in the region.

In response to this alarming situation, a First Information Report (FIR) has been registered against unknown individuals, intensifying efforts to trace and recover the stolen deer.

This incident echoes a similar occurrence in January 2021 when four priceless deer were pilfered from Lahore Safari Zoo, valued at a staggering 260,000 rupees.

As the investigation unfolds, concerns over the security and preservation of wildlife in Lahore are at the forefront.

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