Customs seizes artefacts dating back to 3500 BC


ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Customs has foiled an attempt to smuggle artefacts dating back to 3500 BC from Balochistan to Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The smuggled goods, worth millions of rupees, also included shoes and clothes.

According to a statement issued by Customs Islamabad on Sunday, the artefacts were brought from Afghanistan to Balochistan and then loaded on three trucks and two buses. The vehicles were intercepted by the Customs officials while they were on their way to Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

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The Department of Archeology has confirmed that the artefacts are extremely valuable and belong to the Bronze Age. The collection comprises 94 pottery vessels and copper digging tools, which are usually displayed in foreign museums and have an insurance value of 5 million.

The authorities have secured the artefacts in the Customs house under tight security and arrested the suspected smuggler.

They have also initiated legal proceedings against the culprits.

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