Upcoming election will drift Pakistan towards chaos: Shahid Khaqan

Shahid Khaqan

RAWALPINDI: Former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that the current election in Pakistan has become meaningless, which will offer nothing to the country but chaos.

Talking to the media after appearing before the anti-corruption office in Rawalpindi on charges of corruption in the Ghora Gali and Murree Road projects, Abbasi stated that the NAB and anti-corruption agencies are being used solely for election and political manipulation.

“I am accused of giving contracts for the construction of two roads to favoured individuals. When asked by the department, the response was that both roads were not built. NAB and anti-corruption agencies have become the most corrupt institutions in the country. Who will hold them accountable?” he said.

The estranged PML-N leader said, “This is happening to those who are not contesting the election. What will be happening to those who are contesting the election? The election is a sacred process, and making it controversial will harm the country. This is just a way of being harassed in the election process.”

He continued, “Nawaz Sharif was my leader. I have differences with the party policy, which led to my separation. This system did not work in 2018 and will not work now. We will decide to form a new party after the election. Every election has been stolen sine 1947.”

In response to a question, Abbasi clarified, “I am not participating in the election. It is the responsibility of the Chief Election Commissioner, the prime minister, and the government and authorities to make the election uncontroversial. There is still time to ensure an uncontroversial election process because people are disappointed with the current state. There will be an impact of pressure in the election environment. If they send dummies, make fake ballots, it will harm the country and the people.”

The former prime minister said, “I have quit the election, not politics. The election is a constitutional requirement, and it is the job of political leadership to make it purposeful and a means of solving problems. Unfortunately, the three major parties of the country have failed. The political leadership, military leadership, and judicial leadership of the country should sit at the table and thrash out the way forward. Sitting at one table and deciding the way forward is essential; otherwise, it is difficult for the country to function.”

Regarding the return Pakistan Muslim League-N supremo Nawaz Sharif under a deal, Abbasi said, “Everyone asks this question, but I do not know about the deal. In Pakistan, every person thinks that matters are settled by a deal.”

He emphasized, “The narrative of ‘respect the vote’ “Vote Ko Izzat Do” was a constitutional narrative. The constitution says to respect the vote, and if you deny it, you will suffer. I had already said that I will not contest the election on the PML-N ticket nor against it.”

Regarding the events of May 9, the former prime minister said, “I consider the incident of May 9 as a tragedy. When there is an attack on military installations, it has consequences inside and outside the country. Today is February 9; no action has been taken against those responsible. The police have failed to take action against those responsible for May 9.”

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