Cop martyred in grenade attack on ECP’s office in Turbat

Grenade attack in Turbat

TURBAT: Unidentified assailants targeted the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) regional office in Turbat, southern Balochistan, throwing a hand grenade that resulted in the martyrdom of at least one policeman.

Local police reported that the attackers, attempting to force entry into the regional office, opened fire, leading to the tragic death of a police officer.

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No injuries were reported when the grenade was hurled inside the premises, and the perpetrators quickly fled the scene. An ongoing investigation is being conducted by the police to ascertain the details surrounding the attack.

On Wednesday, unidentified individuals abducted five labourers working on a telecommunications tower in Kech, Balochistan. Levies have initiated a search operation, although the motive behind the abduction remains unclear.

This incident follows previous acts of violence in the region, including a shootout in October 2023 in Turbat that claimed the lives of four individuals.

Additionally, six laborers lost their lives in the same month when assailants opened fire, yet the motives behind these incidents remain unknown.

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