Cold blooded murder: Beheaded bodies of woman, sons found

beheaded bodies

KARACHI: Beheaded bodies of a woman and her three sons were found from a house in Gulistan Johar town of Karachi on Thursday morning while the police have arrested the slain kids’ father.

According to the police, the ages of the dead children were between two to 11 years and they were all sons of the victim woman.

After getting the information the police and rescue teams rushed to the spot where 35 years of Saima, 9 years of Ashhad, 7 years of Shahzain, and 2 years of Ammara were found dead.

In a statement to police, Arshad Ali, the head of the family said that he was not present at the time of the incident. However, the police detained him and started the investigation.

Police arrest accused behind double homicide in Karachi

Police said that Arshad runs internet and cable TV network in the area.

The exact reasons of the cold blooded murder and the murder weapon used is not yet clear though it seems that they were killed by a sharp instrument,

But things will become clearer after the medical examination of the victims.

The bodies of the mother and her children, killed in Gulistan Johar Block 5 have been shifted to a mortuary.

Talking to media men, Imdad Ali, the uncle of the deceased boys, said that at around 12:30 in the night, his brother Arshad Ali came to his house and called him to rush to his residence.

When he reached his brother’s house, the body of his elder son was lying in the courtyard, said Imdad Ali, adding the body of his sister-in-law was in another room and the bodies of two other children were in a separate room.

After seeing the dead bodies, he went to his sister and brother-in-law’s house and woke them up, Imdad Ali said.

All our relatives live at some distance in the area and Arshad own three houses in the area, Imdad Ali said and added they have no enmity with anyone.

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