CJ Faez Isa decries prolonged cases, imposes heavy fine

CJ Faez Isa

ISLAMABAD: In a scathing rebuke of the extended duration of legal cases, Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa expressed his frustration during Supreme Court proceedings today, highlighting the prevalent issue of prolonged trials.

He lamented that deliberately dragging out cases has become a disturbing norm within the judicial system. He dismissed a case that was prolonging on account of the petitioner and also levied a hefty fine of one million rupees on the petitioner.

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Chief Justice Isa, in his remarks, emphasised that the deliberate prolongation of cases not only violates fundamental human rights but also leaves people deprived of justice for years. “The judicial system has been gradually destroyed. But we are committed to improving all matters,” the Chief Justice said.

The highlighted case had been stretched over a staggering 14 years, during which the petitioner retained possession of the disputed land. Chief Justice Isa underscored the alarming consequences of such prolonged legal battles, noting that citizens are often denied their rightful claims for an extended period.

Moreover, he pointed out that the courts’ valuable time is wasted on fabricated applications, contributing to the inefficiency of the judicial process. This strong stance by the Chief Justice underscores the need for reforms to address the systemic issues causing delays and inefficiencies in the legal system.

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