Christian community celebrates Christmas with religious fervour


ISLAMABAD: The Christian community is celebrating the joyous occasion of Christmas with fervour and enthusiasm nationwide on Monday.

Vibrant displays of Christmas trees and Stars of David adorn churches, homes, and neighbourhoods, while electric lanterns illuminate houses and streets.

The festive celebrations commenced with Sunday mass in all churches of the country.

Christian priests conveyed the teachings of Jesus Christ, accompanied by special songs and prayers for peace, security, prosperity, and development in the country.

Residential areas of the Christian community are hosting special Christmas events, embellishing houses with festive decorations. Christmas cakes are being cut, and Santa Claus is spreading joy by distributing gifts to children.

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In the spirit of the occassion, community members, from men to children, have adorned themselves with new clothes and exchanged greetings, gifts, and well-wishes.

Apart from the Christian community, people from other communities also present cakes to their friends. Bakeries have prepared special cakes that are sold all day long.

Along with that, five-star hotels of the cities and large-scale cake shops have specially prepared Christmas themed desserts, sales of which have already begun. Courier companies are also providing special cake-delivery service for the day.

The government has made elaborative security arrangements to avert any untoward incident on this occasion.

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