Qingqis rickshaws to be banned in Lahore amid smog crisis


LAHORE: In a significant development, the manufacturing and sale of new Qingqis rickshaws have been slated for closure, as announced by Chief Secretary Punjab, Zahid Akhtar Zaman.

Speaking to the media, he emphasized the imperative need to meticulously scrutinize the root causes of smog, asserting collaborative efforts with the World Bank in a bid to curb this environmental challenge.

Chief Secretary Zahid Akhtar Zaman disclosed that a pivotal decision has been made to cease the operation of Qingqis rickshaws in Lahore, citing the presence of 900 illegal workshops catering to these vehicles.

Lahore’s artificial rain project: working group formed to combat smog

Furthermore, the decision encompasses both the manufacturing and sale of new Qingqis rickshaws, marking a decisive step in addressing the smog-related concerns in the region.

Elaborating on the broader strategy, Zaman revealed that two artificial rain projects are currently under consideration to combat smog in Punjab. However, he highlighted a dissenting view from World Bank officials, who favor an alternative approach of importing 30 electric buses to mitigate smog.

According to Zaman, Lahore requires a total of 1400 buses to enhance its public transportation facilities.

“The World Bank officials do not agree with artificial rain projects; instead, they are importing 30 electric buses to eliminate smog,” remarked Chief Secretary Zahid Akhtar Zaman.

He further noted concerns about the inadequacy of smog testing equipment and highlighted discrepancies in data reported by various institutions, underscoring the complexities associated with addressing the smog issue in a comprehensive manner.

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