Chicken prices see significant drop

chicken prices

LAHORE: The price of chicken meat in Lahore has decreased by Rs20 per kg in the open market, following a period of volatility.

According to the latest reports, the retail price of live chicken has fallen by Rs10 to Rs345 per kg, while the price of chicken meat has dropped to Rs510 per kg.

The official rate of live chicken set by the government is Rs324 per kg, while the official price of chicken meat is Rs502 per kg. However, these rates are often not followed by the poultry dealers, who charge higher prices depending on the demand and supply situation.

The price of chicken in Pakistan has been fluctuating for the past few months, reaching as high as Rs600 per kg in some cities.

The reasons for the price hike include the rising cost of poultry feed, the shortage of chicks and the increase in electricity and gas tariffs.

The consumers have been complaining about the high prices of chicken and other essential commodities, which have affected their purchasing power and food security.

Chicken shortage hits Twin cities as poultry sellers go on strike

The poultry industry is one of the major contributors to the economy of Pakistan, providing employment to millions of people and meeting the protein needs of the population.

According to the Pakistan Poultry Association, the poultry sector contributes about 1.4 percent to the GDP and 6.6 percent to the agricultural value-added. The industry produces about 1.5 billion broilers and 18 billion eggs annually.

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