Chartered flights for shifting Afghan refugees to UK from tomorrow

special flights

ISLAMABAD:  The British authorities have announced the commencement of special flights to transport Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan to the United Kingdom.

Starting from tomorrow, October 26, a total of 12 special flights will operate as part of the ‘resettlement scheme’ designed to relocate a specific number of Afghan refugees to London from Pakistan.

Action against illegal residents not targeted at Afghan refugees: Pakistan

Both the United Kingdom and Pakistan have mutually agreed to this operation, which will span from the coming week until the end of December. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has confirmed that the departure of Afghan refugees to the UK will be facilitated through chartered flights, with approximately 2,000 refugees set to be transported on these 12 chartered flights.

The CAA has provided further details, emphasizing that this special flight operation will continue until December, with a weekly flight schedule established to facilitate the transfer of refugees to the United Kingdom. The first flight, carrying 200 Afghan refugees, is scheduled to depart from Islamabad for the UK. Special arrangements are being made at Islamabad airport to ensure the smooth operation of these flights.

Notably, the British High Commission and aviation authorities recently held a meeting in Islamabad to finalize the landing and take-off arrangements for the chartered flights.

It should be highlighted that Pakistan has set a deadline of November 1 for all legal immigrants to exit the country.

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