Caretaker cabinet has nothing to do with PML-N: PM Kakar

PM Kakar

ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar has emphasized the complete neutrality of the caretaker government, asserting that the caretaker cabinet operates independently from any political affiliation and it has nothing to do with the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.

He said that appointments in the caretaker cabinet had been made solely on merit.

He emphasised the commitment of the caretaker government to maitaining impartiality in conducting upcoming elections.

Addressing the political landscape, the caretaker prime minister acknowledged that political parties have the right to shape impressions for their voters, clarifying that as the caretaker leader, control over such impressions lies beyond his authority.

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He pointed out that the dynamic nature of politics is inherent in the democratic process, with shifts in government and priorities anticipated after the election.

He said that the government does not import Israeli items which could be subjected to ban.

He said that foreigners holding legal documents would face no issues, emphasizing that global laws govern the settlement of foreigners.

Kakar said that the caretaker government has implemented measures to curb currency smuggling, underscoring its commitment to economic improvement.

Notably, he highlighted the stabilization of the rupee’s value, attributing it to the government’s proactive measures.

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