Caravan of 12 camels laden with hashish intercepted, confiscated

transporting hashish

GWADAR: The authorities in Gwadar intercepted a 12-camel convoy laden with a staggering 852 kilograms of hashish. The operation, spearheaded by the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF), unfolded in the Pasni area of Balochistan.

Prompted by intelligence, ANF personnel swiftly moved to thwart the illicit operation, encircling the smugglers and confiscating the contraband, valued at millions of rupees.

Over 3,600 drug dealers arrested in Punjab

Just last week, ANF’s relentless efforts culminated in the interception of over 724 kilograms of narcotics, resulting in the apprehension of nine individuals involved in trafficking activities.

Among the notable seizures were 746 grams of hashish discovered concealed on a passenger bound for Sharjah from Islamabad Airport, and 91 heroin-filled capsules intercepted from another individual destined for Dubai from the same airport.

Additionally, Karachi Airport witnessed the interception of 159 grams of hashish from two passengers en route to China. – INP

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