Bushra Bibi wants to serve her sentence at Adiala Jail

Bushra Bibi

ISLAMABAD: Former First Lady Bushra Bibi on Tuesday filed a petition before the Islamabad High Court seeking to set aside the order of declaring Imran Khan’s Bani Gala residence as a sub-jail to serve her sentence in the Toshakhana case.

Last month, Bushra Bibi was imprisoned at her Islamabad residence after accountability sentenced the couple to 14 years in jail in the Toshakhana case.

Authorities had declared the Bani Gala residence a “sub-jail” to confine the former first lady at the request of Adiala jail superintendent.

Bushra and Khan were awarded a 14-year jail term, each, when accountability court’s Judge Muhammad Bashir announced the verdict in the case related to the illegal sale of state gifts.

In her petition, Bushra said that she arrived at the prison facility to surrender following her conviction in the Toshakhana case on January 31.

Khan and Bibi were handed a 14-year sentence in the Toshakhana case which accused them both of illegally selling state gifts. The judge also banned them both from holding political office for 10 years.

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Soon after the verdict, Bushra arrived at the Adiala jail, however, she was not kept at the prison where her husband had been incarcerated.

“The petitioner [Bushra] was kept in the waiting room from 10AM till 9PM on 31.01.2024. After 9PM, the petitioner was informed that she had to be shifted to another prison to serve her sentence, however, she was brought to her residence at Bani Gala,” the filing read.

The former first lady denied having requested to designate her residence as a sub-jail.

She said that she does not feel safe being confined alone in the premises of her house due to potential security issues.

“While the petitioner is in good health, however, there has been a movement of unidentified people in her house declared as a sub-jail by the government thereby contributing to her sense of insecurity,” the petition added.

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