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Bushra Bibi at Adiala Jail waiting room; court yet to issue warrant

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RAWALPINDI: Former first lady Bushra Bibi is reportedly in the waiting room at Adiala Jail, according to prison sources. She has not been formally arrested so far, and an arrest warrant is yet to be issued by the court.

The situation surrounding Bushra Bibi’s presence at Adiala Jail remains unclear, as sources reveal that other options for her arrest are currently under consideration as well.

Bushra Bibi arrested in Toshakhana reference case

Earlier today, the Accountability Court Judge Muhammad Bashir sentenced Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi to 14 years in prison in Toshakhana case. The court has also fined Rs 787 million to both the accused, in addition to disqualifying them from holding any public office for ten years.

Bushra Bibi opted for self-arrest as she arrived for Adiala Jail. She was not present in the court during the hearing and announcement of the verdict.

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