British military rugby player found dead


LONDON: A British armed forces rugby player has been found dead in France. Preliminary investigations are leaning towards the cause of death being an accidental fall in the region of northern Brittany, according to a story published in the Guardian.

A local prosecutor, Fabrice Tremel, speaking to media said that the player’s body was found on the rugged coastline of Dinard, soon after he was reported missing. The body was identified by two of the team’s coaches. An autopsy has been scheduled for Wednesday to further ascertain the circumstances surrounding the player’s death.

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The player’s team are camped in Dinard for the course of the World Military Rugby Championship – a competition that brings together military teams from 12 allied nations. The championship will be held until September 10, and includes 500 players and staff, for 30 matches hosted in 26 stadiums across Breton territories.

The International Defence Rugby competition is held every four years. Last year, it was held in Japan.

This grievous incident has cast a solemn shadow over the tournament, as both players and spectators alike mourn the untimely loss of a fellow athlete.

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