Here’s a look at the cheapest BMW heavy bike replica in Pakistan

BMW bike price in Pakistan

WEB DESK: With the increasing interest of young enthusiasts and affluent individuals in heavy bikes and superbikes, which are primarily acquired and utilised by the upper class or those with the means to afford them, the trend of replica bikes is also on the rise in Pakistan.

Much like the authentic heavy bikes commonly seen in upscale areas of Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi, replica heavy bikes have started making appearances on Pakistani roads.

Interestingly, it sometimes becomes challenging for individuals to discern whether they’ve encountered an original heavy bike or a Chinese replica with a Lifan engine.

Some of these replica bikes are so impeccably designed that individuals with limited knowledge of heavy bikes find it difficult to distinguish between a genuine and a cloned heavy bike or superbike.

Notably, the replica of the BMW S1000RR is available in Pakistani local showrooms and online car and bike selling websites at a surprisingly low price, as low as Rs700,000, compared to its Rs12.6 million price tag on one of Pakistan’s popular automotive websites.

Here’s what the ‘BMW heavy bike’ clone looks like:

latest bmw bike price in pakistan
S1000 RR BMW heavy bike clone at a local showroom

As seen in the picture above, it looks quite original. This implies that, apart from being a clone, it is one of the cheapest heavy bikes available for sale in Pakistan, given its authentic appearance.

The reason behind the affordability of the BMW S1000RR clone lies in the fact that, instead of the 1000cc engine found in the original BMW heavy bike, the clone features a Lifan 400cc water-cooled Chinese engine.

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Additionally, the body of the BMW clone bikes is not as reliable and premium-looking as the original. Moreover, these Chinese bikes lack many features present in original heavy bikes.

Despite the fact that a clone heavy bike may not provide the same thrill as an original superbike, its affordability makes it an attractive option for those who do not have millions to spend on a BMW heavy bike in Pakistan. They can acquire a budget-friendly heavy bike, albeit with some compromises on features.

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