Billions worth of gold reserves discovered in Attock

gold reserves discovered in Attock

ISLAMABAD: The city of Attock in Punjab has struck gold as the Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP) has confirmed the discovery of gold reserves in the area.

Provincial Minister for Mines Ibrahim Hassan Murad announced on Wednesday that the total value of the gold reserves is Rs2.8 million per tola, and a conservative estimate is that it will generate Rs600 billion in revenue for the province.

He said that the GSP report on this matter is complete, and 9 blocks of placer gold have been identified, which will soon be auctioned. Placer gold is the type of gold that is found in river beds or streams.

The provincial minister for mines said that the GSP examined 127 samples, and the samples also indicated the presence of zinc, silver, nickel, manganese, copper and other metals along with gold.

Ibrahim Murad said that the research on the placer gold reserves was done up to 75 square kilometers, covering parts of the Indus River and its tributaries.

He said that the discovery of gold reserves in Attock is a historic achievement and a great opportunity for the development of the mining sector in Punjab.

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