How car owners in Pakistan can beat high petrol prices with a 70cc motorcycle

From Car to Honda CD70

Given the current sky-high petrol prices in Pakistan, it has become increasingly challenging for individuals with modest incomes to afford travel. This situation has even led car owners to contemplate switching to two-wheelers as they grapple with the escalating costs of commuting. Moreover, there are concerning reports hinting at further petrol price hikes in the coming weeks.

The key question here is whether it makes sense to switch from a car to a motorcycle. While this move may pose some difficulties for car owners, there are several options available. Excluding motorcycles from Chinese manufacturers like Road Prince and United, the most budget-friendly choice remains the Honda CD70, which happens to be the most popular and top-selling motorcycle in Pakistan. It’s worth noting that, surprisingly, the Honda CD70, priced at less than Rs70,000 just a few years ago in April 2018, now commands a hefty price tag of around Rs158,000.

So, the real question is: is it worthwhile to invest nearly Rs160,000 in a two-wheeler? The answer depends on your personal circumstances. If you already own a larger bike with an engine capacity exceeding 100cc, switching to the CD70 might be a wise choice, provided you’re willing to make certain compromises. Honda’s CD70 is known for its reliability and cost-effective replacement parts, even compared to other Honda models.

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However, for those accustomed to the convenience of car travel, this decision may prove challenging as it entails a significant shift to a two-wheeled mode of transport.

But what’s the upside of getting this 70cc engine motorcycle? Most Honda CD70 owners express satisfaction with its exceptional fuel efficiency. Some report an impressive average of 60 kilometres per litre, while others claim above 70.

A well-known Pakistani automotive news website asserts that the CD70 achieves an average of approximately 55 kilometres per litre, which is undeniably impressive.

Let’s break it down further: If you currently own a car that gives you roughly 15 kilometres per litre and your daily commute covers around 30 kilometres, you would be consuming 2 litres of petrol each day. At the current petrol price of Rs305.36 per litre, your daily expenditure would amount to Rs610.72, which adds up to approximately Rs18,321.6 per month.

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Now, let’s calculate the expenses associated with a Honda CD70 for the same daily commute. Assuming a conservative average of 60 kilometres per litre, you’d only be using half a litre of petrol daily, resulting in a daily cost of just Rs152.68. Over a month, this amounts to a mere Rs4,580.4.

Despite the inevitable adjustments and the need for careful trip planning based on weather conditions, the Honda CD70 emerges as a highly cost-effective choice for car owners seeking to cut down on transportation expenses, even if it’s just for a temporary period.

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