Baltistan celebrates first-ever Culture Day with enthusiasm

Baltistan Culture day

SKARDU: In a colourful display of cultural pride, the Baltistan Division observed its inaugural Baltistan Culture Day across its four districts on Monday.

The event, held under the directives of Baltistan Division Commissioner Najeeb Alam, saw widespread participation from officials, educators, students, and the general public.

The Commissioner had instructed individuals in both public and private sectors to don the traditional Balti attire, a move that significantly amplified the day’s cultural resonance. The celebration was a vibrant testament to the unique Balti culture, which boasts a rich tapestry of Tibetan, Central Asian, and Kashmiri influences.

The main event took place at the Boys Degree College in Skardu, attended by notable figures including Commissioner Najeeb Alam, DIG Baltistan Range Farman Ali, Skardu Deputy Commissioner Captain (Retd) Shehryar Sherazi, SSP Skardu Ishaq Hussain, former GB Assembly Speaker Fida Muhammad Nashad, former Assembly member Amina Ansari, along with other government officials, representatives of civil society, media persons and a large number of students.

The event featured performances of Balti poetry by renowned poet Muhammad Yousuf Khasmang and a Balti drama that received widespread acclaim from the audience. Local Balti delicacies were served, and the day concluded with a rally from the college to the Yadgar-e-Shuhada, symbolizing the promotion of Balti culture. Participants and guests expressed their cultural affiliation by wearing regional attire and caps, adding to the day’s festive spirit.

In his address, Najeeb Alam emphasized the significance of Balti culture as a cornerstone of the region’s identity and expressed pride in its heritage. He highlighted the day as an effort to keep people connected to their cultural roots and to promote its further development. The Commissioner announced plans to include Balti Culture Day in the annual calendar, with future events to showcase Balti products, traditional cuisine, and music.

Former GB Assembly Speaker Fida Muhammad Nashad praised Commissioner Alam’s efforts in promoting Balti culture and stressed the importance of aligning the younger generation with their cultural heritage. He likened the preservation of culture to a sacred duty.

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