Another hike in electricity tariff on the cards

CPPA bills

ISLAMABAD: Electricity consumers are expected to bear another massive hike in tariffs in the coming days as the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) has sought a Rs0.55 hike in electricity tariff in terms of monthly fuel charge adjustment (FCA) for September.

The CPPA submitted a plea to the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) to approve a 55 paisas hike in electricity tariff for September FCA.

The NEPRA’s approval would increase the financial burden worth Rs8.37 billion on the power consumers.

The electric power regulatory authority will hear the CPPA’s plea on November 1. According to the CPPA, over 12.92 billion units were generated in September at the cost of Rs7.61 per unit while the reference cost was Rs7.07 per unit.

The plea further stated that 4.83 percent of electricity was generated from hydropower sources in September, 11.08 percent from local coal, 4.83 percent from imported coal, 7.54 percent from local gas, 15.95 percent from imported LNG, 17.14 percent from nuclear fuel.

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