Jail authorities deny Imran Khan’s authorship of published article

imran khan

RAWALPINDI: Jail authorities in Adiala have refuted claims that the recently published article in ‘The Economist’ attributed to Imran Khan, founder chairman of PTI, was penned by him.

The Inspector General of Prisons stated that Imran Khan’s barrack in Adiala Jail has been designated a high-security zone, subject to round-the-clock surveillance via security cameras and undisclosed monitoring devices.

The IG Prisons disclosed that strict adherence to jail rules includes thorough searches of every individual visiting the PTI founder, along with security personnel stationed at the barracks.

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Additionally, he emphasized that Imran Khan is only permitted to read pre-examined books.

Contrary to the assertions in the published article, the IG Prisons clarified that Imran Khan is not provided with paper and pen, eliminating any means for him to write within the prison premises.

This contradicts the suggestion that the article was personally authored by Imran Khan.

In conclusion, the jail authorities strongly reject the claim that Imran Khan wrote the article published in the British journal, asserting that the circumstances within the prison make such an endeavor implausible.


While sources within the party were hesitant to comment on how the writing may have been relayed to the publication from inside prison, they had insisted that the words were indeed those of Imran. Some observers had expressed doubts over whether the article was indeed by Imran but many noted that the tone and content of the article was consistent with his views.


Caretaker Information Minister Murtaza Solangi said the government will be writing to the editor of British publication The Economist in connection with an essay attributed to incarcerated PTI founder Imran Khan.

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