96 first-time winners will join National Assembly

National Assembly

ISLAMABAD: At least 96 candidates belonging to different parties have succeeded in winning National Assembly seats for the first time during the election on February 8, 2024.

According to the details, out of 265 candidates, 96 have succeeded in winning seats in the National Assembly for the first time. These 96 candidates include 52 backed by PTI, 14 by PML-N, 11 each by PPP and MQM, and one each by IPP, NP, PNAP, and three independent candidates who won seats for the first time from KPK, Punjab, and Balochistan.

The PTI-backed independent candidates include Muhammad Idris from NA-12, Shahzada Muhammad Gastasap Khan from NA-15, Ali Asghar Khan from NA-16, Atif Khan from NA-22, Shandana Gulzar from NA-30, Asif Khan from NA-32, Ahad Ali Shah from NA-33, Zulfikar Ali from NA-34, Yusuf Khan from NA-36, Naseem Ali Shah from NA-39, Sher Afzal Marwat from NA-41, and Zubair Khan from NA-42.

The PTI-backed candidates from Punjab include Chaudhry Ilyas from NA-62, Ahmed Chatta from NA-66, Aneeqa Mehdi Bhatti from NA-67, Aslam Ghyman from NA-74, Mubeen Arif Jatt from NA-78, Ehsanullah Virk from NA-79, Shahid Usman from NA-80, Osama Mela from NA-83, Shafqat Awan from NA-84, Miqdad Baloch from NA-86, Jamal Ahsan from NA-89, Umar Niazi from NA-90, Ali Afzal Sahi from NA-95, Rai Hyder Ali from NA-96, Saadullah Baloch from NA-97, Umar Farooq from NA-99, Rana Atif from NA-101, Ghais Khan from NA-102, Ali Sarfaraz from NA-103, Sahibzada Hamid Raza from NA-104, Osama Hamza from NA-105, Arshad Sahi from NA-111, Rana Ahmed Atiq from NA-113, Khuram Virk from NA-115, Latif Khosa from NA-122, Raza Ali Gilani from NA-137, Chaudhry Usman Ali from NA-142, Faraz Noon from NA-154, Ayesha Nazir Jutt from NA-156, Usman Owais from NA-167, Mian Ghous from NA-170, Mumtaz Mustafa from NA-171, Fayaz Chajra from NA-180, Miss Ambar Majeed Niazi from NA-181, Owais Haider from NA-182, and Adil Khan Bazai from NA-262 Quetta.

Among the candidates who won for the first time on the PML-N ticket are Raja Osama Sarwar from NA-51, Qamarul Islam Raja from NA-53, Daniyal Chaudhry from NA-57, Sardar Ghulam Abbas from NA-59, Bilal Azhar Kayani from NA-60, Chaudhry Naseer Abbas from NA-65, Maryam Nawaz from NA-119, and Wasim Qadir who joined PML-N after winning the election. Others include Atta Tarar from NA-127, Aun Chaudhry from NA-128, Azeem Lakhvi from NA-133, Malik Iqbal from NA-168, Abdul Qadir Khan from NA-184, and Amar Laghari from NA-187.

Winning candidates on the PPP ticket include Fathullah Khan from NA-45, Ali Jan Mazari from NA-191, Mir Shabir Ali Bajarani from NA-192, Muhammad Sheryar Khan from NA-193, Nazir Ahmed Bhagyu from NA-195, Salahuddin Junejo from NA-210, Abdul Aleem Khan from NA-219, Haji Rasool Bakhsh Chandio from NA-223, Dr. Mirza Akhtar Baig from NA-241, Malik Shah from NA-259, and Nawabzada Mir Jamal Khan Raisani from NA-264.

Winning candidates on the MQM ticket include Asia Ishaq Siddiqui from NA-232, Muhammad Javed Hanif Khan from NA-233, Muhammad Moin Amir Pirzada from NA-234, Hasan Sabir from NA-236, Muhammad Abdul Rauf Siddiqui from NA-237, Sadiq Iftikhar from NA-238, Arshad Abdullah Wahra from NA-240, Syed Mustafa Kamal from NA-242, Syed Hafeezuddin from NA-245, Khawaja Izharul Hasan from NA-247, and Ahmad Saleem Siddiqui from NA-249.

Abdul Aleem Khan of the Istehkam Pakistan Party will become a member of the National Assembly for the first time by winning the election from NA-117 Lahore. Besides, Mufti Misbahuddin of JUI will also join the National Assembly for the first time by winning election on NA-40 seat.

Among the independent candidates who won without the support of any party are Aqeel Malik from NA-54, Shamsher Mazari from NA-189, and Mian Khan from NA-253.

Similarly, Khushal Khan Kakar from NA-251 of PNAP, Phalin from NA-258 of the National Party, and Hamid Hussain from NA-37 of MWMP will also represent their party in the National Assembly for the first time.

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