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76-day winter vacations announced in Balochistan schools

Winter vacations

QUETTA: The government of Balochistan has announced winter vacations at the educational institutions in the province’s coldest areas.

According to the notification, schools, colleges, and universities in these areas will remain closed for 76 days – from December 16 to February 29.

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In an exclusive notification released by the Education Department, students and educators in 18 districts, including the capital Quetta, are set to enjoy an extended holiday season until February 29. The annual winter vacation aims to provide a well-deserved break, allowing students to recharge and educators to prepare for the upcoming academic challenges.

This comprehensive decision, communicated through the secretaries of secondary and higher education, showcases the government’s commitment to prioritizing the well-being of students and creating an optimal learning environment.

On the other hand, northern parts of Balochistan continue to remain in the grip of extremely cold weather as nighttime temperatures in most of these areas are now below zero.

The weather department has forecast rains for different parts of Balochistan, including provincial capital Quetta, from today.

Schools, and other educational institutions are set to be closed for winter vacations in light of harsh weather conditions, especially in regions like Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa where the temperature is falling below freezing point.

The provincial administrationsis also closing schools for the safety of students and staff, as people of these least developed regions are facing several plights.

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