200 shops gutted in Peshawar mobile market fire

Peshawar shop fire

PESHAWAR: A major fire erupted early Monday in a mobile market situated in Saddar, Peshawar gutting nearly 200 shops.

The blaze originated in the basement shops of Time Center, triggered by a short circuit, rapidly spreading throughout the plaza fueled by exploding mobile batteries.

Rescue officials reported that the fire, started from the fourth floor, quickly engulfed other levels, causing panic among shopkeepers and customers.

The Time Center, hosting 200 counters dedicated to mobile shops, batteries, and repair services, became the epicenter of the emergency.

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In response, over 30 fire brigade vehicles and four water bowsers are actively engaged in the rescue operation. The fire, classified as third-stage, is being tackled by teams from the Pakistan Army, Air Force, and Cantonment Board.

Rescue 1122 successfully evacuated four individuals trapped inside the Peshawar mobile market shops during thefire. While the exact cause remains unknown, initial reports suggest a possible short circuit or gas leak.

The district administration has initiated an inquiry into the incident, pledging relief and assistance to affected parties. Despite the challenges, rescuers, including the military, have averted any loss of life. Adjacent houses were evacuated swiftly, preventing further casualties.

Bilal Ahmad Faizi, spokesperson for the rescue efforts, confirmed the absence of reported fatalities.

The presence of the army and security agencies at the scene underscores the coordinated efforts to contain the fire in the densely populated mobile market.

The situation is under close monitoring, and updates will follow as the firefighting operation progresses.

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