108 arrested for violating lockdown in Sialkot

smart lockdown Sialkot

SIALKOT: The Sialkot district administration has taken decisive action against businesses and individuals found to be violating the ongoing smart lockdown in the city. During a series of raids conducted on Sunday, eight business centers, including six hotels, were promptly sealed for operating in contravention of the regulations.

In addition, Sunday Bazar Imam Sahib was also closed, and 11 business centres, along with a school in Daska, faced closure as authorities intensified their efforts. Twelve individuals in Daska were detained for violating the lockdown rules.

Within Sialkot itself, 108 people were arrested for defying the smart lockdown restrictions. The administration, demonstrating its commitment to public health, sealed several more business centres and imposed fines totalling Rs 5 lakh 8 thousand on those found in violation.

These measures by the district administration underscore their dedication to the effective enforcement of the smart lockdown, which was implemented in response to smog-related concerns in Sialkot.

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