Nomination papers of over 3,300 candidates face rejection

nomination papers rejection 2024 elections

WEB DESK: During the nomination scrutiny process, a total of 3,345 candidates’ papers from across the country have been rejected, and the scrutiny is ongoing.

Available official data indicates that this number is expected to rise further to 28,686 in 859 constituencies nationwide.

The ongoing investigation of candidates’ nomination papers revealed this information, with the Hum Investigation Team (HIT) obtaining official data from the four provincial election headquarters, chief secretaries, IG police, and election officials of 16 districts.

Official sources report that 1,186 candidates for the National Assembly had their papers rejected, while 2,156 candidates from provincial assemblies faced a similar outcome.

In comparison, the 2018 elections saw 1,896 rejected papers, and in 2013, more than 3,800 candidates had their nomination papers rejected.

Concerns are rising as documents from over 2,800 independent candidates are anticipated to face rejection due to various objections.

Among the 552 rejected candidates, 12 political parties backed them, while 2,628 candidates entered the race as independents.

The candidates who failed in the investigation process lacked complete documentation; some were non-filers, some had criminal convictions, and others had incomplete asset documents.

Statistical data reveals that the nomination papers of 381 Tehreek-e-Insaaf-supporting candidates have been rejected.

Additionally, official data indicates the rejection of papers from 24 PML-N supporters, with officials reporting the rejection of papers from 41 PPP-backed candidates and 7 GDA candidates.

Notably, nomination papers from 245 candidates in the national and provincial constituencies of Lahore, 211 candidates in Karachi constituencies, and 189 candidates in Peshawar have been rejected.

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