Murad Ali Shah’s wealth shoots by 85% in five years

Murad Ali Shah

ISLAMABAD: Former Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has seen a substantial increase of 85 per cent growth in his wealth over the past five years. He has declared his assets exceeding Rs351 million to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

The former chief minister also showed a bank balance of around Rs243.5 million in the financial year 2022, as per the documents submitted along with his nomination papers.

He also spent 196 days on foreign trips in the past 3 years. He claimed he spent Rs8 million on these trips, some half of them were his private trips where he visited the UK, Switzerland, US, Canada, China, UAE, KSA, etc.

He owned assets worth Rs187 million in financial year 2017 with 27000 kanal precious land whose value was not determined.

He owned assets of Rs199 million in 2018, Rs213 million in 2019, Rs233 million in 2020, Rs331 million in 2021 and Rs351 million in 2022 and Rs247.6 million in 2023 where he gifted assets worth Rs105 million to his family members. Thus his assets continue to witness a rise during the past five years.

According to his declarations with the election officer, he also owned Plots, shops, shopping centers, Ice Factories, Shah Cotton Factories, Plotting schemes, Cinemas, Flour Mills, Textile Mills and some other factories.

He also owned 17 Luxuries vehicles, Civic, Revo, Vigo, Land Cruiser, Honda Civics and other cars and many tractors and other machinery. He also showed income tax of Rs3.3 million tax in 2022 with Rs8 million as an agri tax. He paid Rs5.3 million as an agri tax in 2021 while Rs4.2 million as an agri tax paid in 2020.

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As per the documents, Shah owned seventeen vehicles worth millions with a house in DHA, Karachi with worth of Rs11.5 million having two plots worth Rs30 million in DHA, Karachi in the name of his daughter. The documents showed that his wife owned 100 tolas of gold worth millions. He paid 1 lac 19 thousands rupees as taxes in 2015, Rs116000 in 2016 and Rs0.9 million in 2017.

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