FACT CHECK: The man being beaten in the video is not an Afghan refugee

Afghan refugee

Trigger warning: The video contains visuals that may be disturbing to some users

The Claim:

Pakistani security officials are beating up an Afghan refugee in a viral video.

The Fact:

The individual in the video is a Pakistani citizen and is not an Afghan refugee.

The Story:

An ‘X’ account named HADIA News recently shared a video of a man being touted by police claiming that the man is of Afghan origin.

“Pakistan commits crimes against Afghan refugees. Afghan refugees have also been tortured by Pakistan’s army & police. They even torture & imprison Afghan kids. This all happens under the watch of human rights international organisations. They decided to turn a blind eye to this inhuman situation,” the caption of the video read.

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Quetta Division Commissioner Muhammed Hamza Shafqaat shared a separate video of the incident, clearly indicating that the individual involved is a resident of Quetta. Shafqaat retweeted the video, condemning the violence, and highlighting that it is a case of electricity theft.

The Spread:

The tweet was re-shared by various Twitter users who highlighted a narrative suggesting that Pakistani security officials are involved in committing offences against Afghan refugees. The examples of the spread on ‘X’ can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

The Verdict:

With all the evidence pointing to the contrary, it can be safely said that the caption of the video, claiming the police personnel is beating an Afghan refugee, is false.

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