US urges transparent investigation into alleged electoral irregularities in Pakistan

United States Department of State spokesperson Matthew Miller condemned election irregularities in Pakistan

WASHINGTON D.C.: The United States Department of State spokesperson Matthew Miller expressed concerns regarding reported irregularities and fraud in the recent Pakistani elections on Monday in a press briefing.

Speaking to a panel of journalists, Miller congratulated the people of Pakistan for their participation in the elections and for protecting the country’s democratic institutions.

“We expressed those concerns privately and publicly,” said Miller, highlighting the irregularities observed during the electoral process. The United States, along with the European Union (EU), United Kingdom (UK), and other countries, called on the Pakistani government to respect the will of the electorate.

“We emphasize that we want to see the rule of law, respect for the constitution, free press, and the will of civil society respected,” Miller added.

The US also condemned instances of political and election-related violence, as well as restrictions on internet and cell phone services that adversely affected the electoral process.

Regarding claims of interference and fraud, Miller stressed the importance of a thorough investigation by Pakistan’s legal system. “We will continue to monitor that in the days ahead,” he stated.

Responding to questions about working with the new Pakistani government amid allegations of fraud and irregularities, Miller stressed the need for a comprehensive investigation. “Whoever the Pakistani people choose to represent them, we’re ready to work with the government once it forms,” he said.

Addressing concerns about freedom of assembly in Pakistan, Miller stated, “We want freedom of assembly respected anywhere in the world.” While open to considering specific proposals for an independent investigation, Miller highlighted the importance of allowing Pakistan’s legal system to address the matter first.

“As for additional steps, they should be entertained once the legal system has had the opportunity to play itself out in Pakistan,” Miller concluded.

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