NA-15, PML-N supremo loses to Gustasip from Mansehra

NA-15 Mansehra

ISLAMABAD: Shahzada Muhammad Gustasip Khan has defeated Mian Nawaz Sharif from NA-15 Mansehra.

The much-anticipated results of the Mansehra constituency have been announced by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), with independent candidate Gustasip Khan clinching victory.

Kings’ party faces severe defeat in KP elections

Form 47 showcased an electrifying competition, culminating in Gustasip securing a staggering 105,249 votes, solidifying his triumph.

The winning candidate’s ascendancy eclipsing seasoned contender Nawaz Sharif’s performance, who emerged as the runner-up, with 80,382 votes. Despite a valiant effort, Sharif’s campaign fell short in the face of Gustasip formidable grassroots momentum.

With Gustasip now poised to assume office, all eyes remain fixated on the path that his leadership takes and the enduring legacy he seeks to establish in Mansehra NA-15.

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