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Muhammad Sohail Khan to join PML-N

Sohail khan joins pmln

WEB DESK: Muhammad Sohail Khan, the successful independent candidate securing victory in the provincial assembly seat PP 240 in Punjab, has declared his decision to align with the Muslim League-N.

On a social media platform, Sohail Khan shared his announcement, expressing his intention to join the Muslim League-N after thorough consultations with the residents of his constituency.

He emphasised that this decision aims to contribute to the enhancement of the well-being of both the people and the constituency.

Independent candidate Muhammad Sohail Khan Zahid clinched victory with an impressive 42,094 votes, outperforming the Muslim League-N candidate, Rana Abdul Rauf, who secured 32,516 votes in the election for the Punjab Assembly seat PP 240 in Bahawalnagar.


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