ECP releases candidate details for upcoming elections 2023


ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has unveiled the details of candidates participating in the general elections scheduled for February 8. The list includes hopefuls from various national and provincial assemblies, representing both party foundations and independent aspirations.

In the National Assembly, a total of 3,748 candidates from 1,873 political parties and independents are vying for seats. Meanwhile, for the Provincial Assemblies, 8,537 individuals, including 4,158 from political parties and 4,379 independents, are set to compete.

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According to the disclosed information, a significant number of 882 women candidates are contesting, with 312 aiming for National Assembly seats and 570 for Provincial Assembly positions.

The Election Commission highlighted that in addition to the mainstream political parties, Khawaja Sira (transgender community) members are also contesting in four constituencies nationwide. Overall, a staggering 6,031 candidates from 2,315 political parties are participating in the elections.

Notably, there is a nearly two-fold increase in the number of independent candidates compared to political party contenders. Punjab Assembly has 6,710 candidates, Sindh Assembly with 2,878, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly with 1,834, and Balochistan Assembly with 1,273 hopefuls.

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As the political scene intensifies with diverse candidates, the upcoming elections promise to be a significant and closely watched event in Pakistan’s democratic process. – INP

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