What are the prices of 70cc motorcycles in Pakistan in 2023?

Road price price in Pakistan vs Honda CD 70 price

WEB DESK: Motorcycle prices in Pakistan, including established brands like Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki, have witnessed a significant surge recently.

This has prompted consumers to explore more affordable alternatives in the two-wheeler market within the country.

During such times, local brands offering Chinese-engine bikes have gained popularity in Pakistan, drawing increased interest from consumers.

Despite being assembled in Pakistan, these bikes are often identified as Chinese due to the utilisation of Chinese parts and engines.

Among the noteworthy motorcycle assemblers in this category are United, Unique, Road Prince, Super Star, Crown, and Metro.

These local bike companies have gained widespread acclaim owing to the substantial price difference when compared to Honda and other prominent brands, including Yamaha and Suzuki.

For example, the Honda CD70 motorcycle, equipped with a conventional 70-cc engine, is presently priced at Rs158,000.

In contrast, Road Prince’s 70cc motorcycle, known as the RP70 or Classic 70, is currently available at a more affordable price of Rs102,000 at local motorcycle showrooms.

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Additionally, United’s 70cc motorcycle, known as the US70, is priced at Rs109,500 in Pakistan, slightly higher than the Road Prince but still considerably more budget-friendly than Honda’s CD70.

Super Power’s 70cc bike model, named Super Power SP Premium, is priced a bit higher than Road Prince and United’s 70cc bikes in Pakistan, standing at Rs113,400.

Lastly, Crown’s 70cc bike is the most expensive among Chinese motorcycles, priced at Rs135,000 in Pakistani bike showrooms.

This particular Crown 70cc motorcycle offers two additional features, including self-start and alloy rims, making it a comparatively attractive option in Pakistan. Despite these added features, Crown’s 70cc bike remains more economical than the Honda CD70.

While bikes from brands other than Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki may raise concerns regarding reliability and the quality of components such as seats and engines, Chinese bikes are gaining popularity due to their more affordable price tags.

Note that these prices do not include bike registration charges. The motorcycle registration fee is paid after the purchase, and there are varying fees for different bikes and registration numbers in Punjab, Sindh, KP, etc.

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