Lahore residents forced to buy fruits, vegetables at artificially increased prices

Vegetable and fruit prices in Lahore

LAHORE: In a surprising turn of events, the prices of a majority of seasonal vegetables have taken a dip after experiencing consecutive increases over the last few weeks.

While official reports indicate a reduction, the ground reality in Lahore’s local markets paints a different picture, with shopkeepers and fruit and vegetable vendors opting to set their own prices, deviating from the officially listed rates.

A concerning trend has emerged with rampant overcharging, and unfortunately, the administration appears to be turning a blind eye to these practices.

Residents of Lahore find themselves compelled to purchase essential food items, particularly vegetables and fruits, at exorbitant rates due to the lack of regulation.

The price of chicken has reportedly been reduced by Rs12 per kg, fixed at Rs296-307 per kg. However, consumers are facing a stark disparity, as chicken is being sold in the range of Rs350–400 per kg.

Similarly, chicken meat, with a fixed price of Rs445 per kg, is being sold at an alarming Rs500–1,000 per kg.

In the potato category, the soft skin new A-grade witnessed a reduction of Rs10 per kg, fixed at Rs53–58 per kg, B-grade at Rs46–50 per kg, and C-grade at Rs43–45 per kg.

Unfortunately, mixed potatoes are being sold at a significantly higher rate of Rs70–80 per kg.

The price reduction in onions, with A-grade seeing a decline of Rs20 per kg, fixed at Rs144–150 per kg, has not translated to lower costs for consumers, as they are being sold at Rs180 per kg. B-grade onions, fixed at Rs125–130 per kg, are being sold at Rs150–160 per kg, and C-grade onions, fixed at Rs105–110 per kg, are reaching consumers at Rs130 per kg.

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Spinach farm prices were reportedly reduced by Rs3 per kg, fixed at Rs47–50, but consumers are facing inflated rates of Rs70–80 per kg. Local spinach, fixed at Rs53–55 per kg, is being sold at a staggering Rs100 per kg.

According to The News, turnip prices have witnessed a significant Rs18 per kg reduction, fixed at Rs43–45 per kg, yet they are being sold at Rs60–80 per kg. Fenugreek (Methi) prices declined by Rs5 per kg, fixed at Rs90–95 per kg, but are being sold at an elevated Rs160 per kg.

Pea prices, with a reduction of Rs25 per kg and fixed at Rs130–135 per kg, are being sold at Rs150–160 per kg.

Grapefruit, fixed at Rs17–18 per piece, is being sold at a higher market rate of Rs25–30 per piece, adding to the concerns of already burdened consumers.

The discrepancy between official rates and market prices highlights the urgent need for effective measures to ensure fair pricing and prevent exploitation in the local markets.

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