20-year-old Suzuki Baleno listed for sale for over Rs2.1 million in Pakistan

Suzuki Baleno 2003 price in Pakistan

WEB DESK: The Suzuki Baleno, a once highly sought-after family sedan in Pakistan during the early 2000s, took the reins from the popular Suzuki Margalla. As the sole sedan offered by the automaker, it gained significant popularity.

Despite its decade-old status, owners are currently demanding up to Rs2.17 million for a 2003 Suzuki Baleno, a surprising jump considering its launch price of no more than Rs600,000.

Below is a screenshot of a recently posted ad for the most expensive Suzuki Baleno 2003 model listed for sale in Pakistan for Rs2,175,000.

Most expensive Suzuki Baleno 2003 in Pakistan
Most expensive Suzuki Baleno 2003 in Pakistan

This Suzuki Baleno is also another overpriced 2003 model listed online for sale in Pakistan for Rs1,575,000 on a popular online buying and selling platform:

most expensive Suzuki Baleno 2003 of Pakistan price
Suzuki Baleno 2003 price in Pakistan

This inflated pricing trend is rooted in the exponential rise in new car prices, causing a ripple effect on the second-hand market.

The substantial increase in prices can be linked to the depreciation of the local currency and escalating raw material costs, significantly elevating production expenses for automakers.

Over the past few years, car prices in Pakistan have nearly doubled, leaving limited options for budget-friendly alternatives.

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Even the entry-level sedan like the Honda City (Manual variant) now commands nearly Rs5 million, and sellers online capitalise on this, setting prices at their discretion.

Current listings on online Pakistani car selling platforms indicate used Suzuki Baleno prices ranging from Rs800,000 to Rs1.57 million as of November 2023.

Unfortunately, prospects for a decrease in car prices in Pakistan in 2024 seem bleak.

The Suzuki Baleno faced discontinuation in Pakistan before 2007, making way for the Suzuki Liana, which, unfortunately, did not resonate well with Pakistanis and was eventually phased out.

Despite Suzuki’s multiple attempts to carve a niche in the sedan market, it appears their sedans couldn’t surpass the enduring popularity of Honda and Toyota sedans, like the Toyota Corolla and Honda City, which have remained the preferred family cars in Pakistan for years.

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