Punjab to launch operation against unregistered beauty products and salons

unregistered beauty products and salons

WEB DESK: Punjab Minister for Primary and Secondary Healthcare, Dr Jamal Nasir, has issued directives to prohibit the usage of unregistered beauty creams, injections, and similar medications.

Furthermore, he has called for an intensified crackdown on unlicensed beauty parlours and individuals lacking qualifications who administer beauty injections.

Addressing a conference of district drug quality control boards’ secretaries in Punjab as the chief guest, the minister emphasised the gravity of diseases propagated under the guise of beauty practices.

He stressed the need to take stringent action against those responsible for causing allergies and even skin cancer.

Nasir instructed the verification of the legal status of all beauty parlours in the province, ensuring their adherence to hygiene principles.

Only qualified skin specialists and surgeons, he asserted, should be authorised to administer beauty injections, prohibiting non-qualified beauticians from performing such procedures.

According to The News, in his address, the minister called for the formulation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for beauty parlours in consultation with the Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC).

He stressed the importance of implementing a strict policy against substandard cosmetics, beauty creams, and injections not approved by authorities.

Highlighting the significance of SOPs, the minister urged their development for cosmetic cream manufacturers, advocating the issuance of licences to these producers.

Screening for hepatitis among employees of beauty parlours and hair salons was also stressed.

Dr Jamal Nasir directed the secretaries of district quality control boards to ensure a transparent procurement process for quality medicines in hospitals within their respective districts.

The minister affirmed that decisive action would be taken against any deviation from the approved standards in the realm of beauty and healthcare.

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