United announces a massive price hike of Rs60,000 for its 150cc bike

United 150 bike price in Pakistan

WEB DESK: United Autos has announced a massive price hike of Rs60,000 for its 150cc motorcycle model, US 150.

Media reports indicate that the bike maker introduced this motorcycle a few months ago, and following the recent adjustment, its price has now increased to Rs330,000.

United US 150 2023
United US 150 2023

This Lahore-based motorcycle manufacturer launched the ‘US 150’ bike in direct competition with 150cc motorcycles from Honda and Suzuki.

Initially, the pricing strategy positioned it significantly lower than the offerings from these competitors.

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However, with the recent price increase, the ‘US 150’ now stands somewhat closer in price to the 150cc bikes offered by Honda and Suzuki.

It is noteworthy that, in addition to the 150cc model, the brand offers motorcycles in various engine capacities, including 70cc, 100cc, and 125cc.

Furthermore, the brand has introduced an 800cc car named the United Bravo. Originally launched as a successor to the Suzuki Mehran, it, however, did not gain as prominent a reputation as the Mehran model.

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