Toyota may launch an off-road hybrid model of Crown

Toyota Crown 4x4 Hybrid 2024 launch

WEB DESK: In a recent unveiling at the Crown Meeting in Japan, Toyota introduced the exclusive “Matte Metal” version of the Crown, marking the beginning of a series of distinctive editions for the Crown lineup.

Chief Engineer for the Crown series, Ryutaro Shimizu, hinted at the potential development of a more robust 4×4 hybrid crossover, drawing inspiration from the captivating 2023 Toyota Crown Outdoor Concept.

Shimizu, addressing the press during the presentation of the “Matte Metal” edition, expressed Toyota’s intention to craft additional special editions based on the newly expanded Crown family.

As disclosed by Car Watch Impress, he specifically envisioned products resembling the Crown Outdoor Concept, showcasing an image of it during the presentation.

While not an official confirmation, this insight provides a glimpse into Toyota’s contemplation of an 4×4 off-road-themed iteration of the Crown.

The prospective model could stem from the Crossover, the Sport (SUV), or the Estate (Signia) bodystyles, as the sedan does not accommodate such modifications.

Initially unveiled at the Tokyo Outdoor Show in January 2023, the Crown Outdoor Concept featured an augmented ride height compared to the standard version.

Despite its off-road capabilities, the hybrid crossover showcased enhanced potential, with increased ground clearance complemented by all-terrain tires (265/60R18) mounted on 18-inch wheels.

The adventurous concept boasted notable modifications, including bold-on wide fender extensions, aluminium skid plates, additional LED bars on the front and roof, tow hooks, red mudguards, and an aftermarket aluminium roof rack expanding cargo-carrying capabilities.

Revealing Toyota’s ambitious plans, Shimizu shared that the company has accumulated over 100 ideas for special editions, driven by customer feedback.

Anticipated to be offered through Toyota’s dedicated Crown flagship dealerships in Japan, the availability of these unique editions beyond the borders of Japan remains uncertain.

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