Forest dept foils major timber smuggling attempt

timber smuggling attempt Pakistan

WEB DESK: Upon the reception of credible intelligence, Secretary Forest Syed Nazar Hussain Shah spearheaded a meticulously planned covert operation to thwart the smuggling of a substantial quantity of illicit timber.

The Secretary Forest took a personal interest in the mission, emphasising the gravity of the issue.

In a significant success, 11 trucks suspected of carrying illicit timber were intercepted by the vigilant DFO Patrol Squad led by Mr Sajid.

The trucks had departed from Malakand Forest Division and managed to cross the Dargai Forest Checkpost.

However, the swift and decisive action of the patrol squad resulted in the apprehension of 10 trucks in the Marathi area and one truck on Sardaryab Road.

The assessment of the seized timber is currently underway to determine the exact scale of the illicit operation.

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This successful interception reflects the commitment of the Forest Department to combat illegal activities threatening the region’s biodiversity and ecological balance.

The Honourable Secretary Forest has commended the efforts of the DFO Patrol Squad for their dedication and efficiency in executing the operation.

The Forest Department remains steadfast in its resolve to preserve and protect the natural resources of Malakand, ensuring a sustainable environment for future generations.

Further investigations are ongoing to identify the individuals or groups behind this attempted smuggling operation.

The seizure of these illicit timber shipments marks a significant step in the ongoing efforts to curb illegal activities within the forestry sector, sending a clear message that attempts to exploit and damage our natural resources will not go unchecked.

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