Thursday brings fluctuations to PSX, but with more ups than downs

Pakistan Stock Exchange closing

KARACHI: Despite periodic downturns, Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) has maintained an upward trajectory since the start of the current trading week.

Initially the growth came on back of the rally brought by the energy sector companies, but by Wednesday, the index has started to grow as a whole with multiple segments leading charge.

Wednesday continues to add gains on the stock market

Today (Thursday), the index opened at 64,822.43 points and showed fluctuations early in the day with the lowest at 64,778.85 points.

However, recovery set in soon, and by 11 AM, the benchmark KSE-100 index was seen hovering at 65,024.16 points, 200 points above the opening stage.

Last week, the index went through severe fluctuations following the geopolitical tensions on Pakistan-Iran border. However, with both countries now resuming diplomatic relations and reinstating the ambassadors the tensions have begun to resolve.

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