Suneel Munj says he is not sure of the full form of ‘ABS’ but knows its function

Suneel Munj does not know full form of ABS

LAHORE: In a recent episode of Shahveer Jafry’s podcast, titled “The Honest Hour,” the co-founder of PakWheels made an intriguing revelation. He admitted that he was unaware of the full form of ‘ABS’.

However, he said that understanding its function was what truly mattered to him. This revelation might have been taken lightly, but considering his reputation as one of the most experienced and prominent figures in Pakistan’s auto industry, it does raise eyebrows that he isn’t certain about what ‘ABS’ stands for.

So, what exactly does ABS mean? ABS stands for Anti-Lock Braking System. Its primary purpose is to prevent skidding, a situation where loss of steering and control occurs due to locked wheels while braking hard. This technology is now a standard feature in many new cars. The ABS is designed to offer additional steering control in emergency situations, rather than reducing stopping distances.

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Interestingly, in another widely circulated podcast video, Suneel Munj shared a unique habit. He revealed that he never uses an air conditioner, neither at home nor in his office. Munj stated that this practice has had a positive impact on his life.

Even during extremely hot weather, he remains relatively unaffected by the heat, as he has grown accustomed to it. This unconventional approach to dealing with heat has become a topic of discussion among viewers on social media.

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