Rupee strengthens against the dollar

Pakistani Rupee gains against dollar

KARACHI: Pakistani rupee continues to gain strength against the dollar. In the latest trend, rupee has strengthened 13 paisa against the USD in the interbank market.

The slight improvement against the dollar brings the Pakistani rupee to 282.40 against the dollar.

The buying rate of dollar on the open market is currently at 282.5. Whereas, the selling rate is 285.1 PKR against the USD. The rates will continue to fluctuate based on location and performance of each currency in the open market.

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Despite small triumph, inflation in Pakistan has reached record levels. Prices of basic commodities are also skyrocketing. In Lahore, a carton of eggs now costs Rs 380. In the twin cities, eggs are being sold anywhere from 380-400 in the open market.  On a more positive note, chicken prices have dropped to Rs 463 since Sunday

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