Punjab govt bars Grade 17 officers from commenting on social media

govt officials banned from using social media

WEB DESK: The Punjab government has issued a notification through the Services and General Administration Department, imposing restrictions on its officers’ personal expressions and comments on both traditional and social media platforms.

The decision stems from the growing trend of social media usage among newly recruited government officers.

Specifically, Grade 17 officers, including assistant commissioners, are now prohibited from commenting or expressing personal opinions on social media channels, as outlined in the official communication sent out by the Services and General Administration Department.

The department’s letter emphasises that, in accordance with civil services regulations, making statements in the media or on social media platforms based on personal opinions constitutes a violation of established rules.

It underlines that these young officers, recruited at Grade 17, represent the Punjab government, and their conduct on social media is closely observed.

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The directive explicitly states that posting statements on various social media platforms, such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, is strictly prohibited under the service rules.

The reasoning behind this restriction is to prevent irresponsible statements that could potentially jeopardise national security.

Grade 17 officers are now barred from sharing their opinions, statements, or any form of information, including documents and videos, on social media platforms.

The communication also warns of severe consequences for those officers found violating these instructions, indicating that strict disciplinary action will be taken against offenders.

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