Public transport fares slashed by 10% in Punjab

Public transport fares reduced 10 percent in Lahore

LAHORE: Provincial Transport Minister Ibrahim Hassan Murad has just made travel more affordable in Punjab, slashing public transport fares by 10 per cent.

This initiative, guided by the minister’s directives, has prompted a vigilant monitoring system within the district control room. Under the supervision of the Transport Secretary and SP Traffic, continuous oversight is being exercised.

Minister Ibrahim Hassan Murad highlighted that the reduction in petroleum prices has paved the way for alleviating financial burdens on the public.

He underscored the commitment to implementing the directives issued by the Punjab government to ensure the seamless execution of this relief measure.

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Addressing concerns related to public transport, the minister articulated the discouragement of overloading and overcharging practices.

Notably, special squads have been deployed in Lahore district to enhance the quality of travel services for the general public.

These squads are diligently fulfilling their duties on the main highways within the city.

Minister Murad clarified that passengers travelling on the motorway can easily register their grievances by contacting the helpline at 130.

This initiative aims to streamline communication and address any concerns promptly, enhancing the overall travel experience for the public.

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