CM Punjab urges crackdown on poor-quality petrol, diesel sellers

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LAHORE: The Chief Minister (CM) of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, has issued a directive for a rigorous crackdown on sellers of substandard petrol and diesel, stressing the necessity for administrative action against those involved in such practices.

The move by CM Punjab to initiate a crackdown on businesses selling substandard petrol and diesel is a significant step towards ensuring the integrity of the fuel supply in Punjab.

Substandard gasoline and diesel can have adverse effects on vehicles, leading to a range of issues, from diminished engine performance to accelerated wear and tear.

Engines are precision-tuned machines designed to operate efficiently with fuel meeting specified standards. Substandard fuel, characterised by lower octane levels and impurities, can result in incomplete combustion, causing engine knocking, reduced fuel efficiency, and increased emissions.

Prolonged use of substandard fuel may lead to the accumulation of deposits in the fuel system, compromising the overall longevity and reliability of the vehicle.

By cracking down on the sale of substandard petrol and diesel, the Chief Minister not only protects the interests of consumers but also contributes to the longevity and optimal performance of vehicles on the roads of Punjab.

This proactive measure underscores a commitment to quality assurance and the promotion of a safer and more efficient transportation ecosystem in the province.

It is commendable that action is being taken against the sale of substandard petrol and diesel, considering the already substantial cost burden on consumers in Pakistan.

Currently, the price of petrol in Pakistan stands at Rs267.34 per litre, while diesel is priced at Rs276.21 per litre. It’s crucial to highlight that these prices will remain in effect until the conclusion of 2023, specifically until the night of Sunday, December 31, 2023.

In the preceding fortnightly review, there was a noteworthy relief for Pakistanis as the price of petrol was reduced by Rs14 per litre, and the diesel price in Pakistan experienced a reduction of Rs13.50 per litre.

Furthermore, CM Naqvi emphasised a shift in strategy by advocating for a thorough cleaning of dust and soil from the roads instead of merely sprinkling water.

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He directed an increase in the number of teams responsible for washing roads, ensuring a more effective approach.

Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi chaired the Cabinet Committee for Anti-Smog, which convened on Tuesday in the Chief Minister’s Office. Environmental and health experts provided detailed insights into the current smog situation.

Provincial Ministers Dr Javed Akram, Mansoor Qadir, Amir Mir, Azfar Ali Nasir, Dr Jamal Nasir, Bilal Afzal, Ibrahim Hasan Murad, Chief Secretary, Inspector General Police, Chairman Planning and Development Board, Senior Member Board of Revenue, and secretaries of concerned departments, along with environmentalists and health experts, participated in the meeting.

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